I LOVE Empowering People

When I’m out there driving Uber passengers around the Bay Area I sometimes find myself with an opportunity to “make a difference” in their lives, and consequentially my own, through conversation.

passenger going to santa clara

One day I drove a woman all the way from Daly City to Santa Clara.  She told me she was recovering from radiation treatment and couldn’t be in the direct sunlight.  She talked to me about her grown children, who she felt she had done a good job raising and how they would be just fine after she was gone.  She didn’t seem at all depressed about her circumstances but rather welcomed the future that was to be with anticipation and excitement.

That’s Passion!

Living in a 9x12 Foot Room

In 2010 I returned to San Francisco just in time to find a small room for rent in the heart of Chinatown.  It includes a sink and 2 large windows.  At the end of the hallways are 2 shower rooms shared by people living in the building.  The older Chinese immigrants like to use the showers to wash their clothes and hang them out on the fire escapes where the tourists snap pictures of them and laugh.  The tourists don’t realize that there are families of 4 living up in these little rooms.  The tourists don’t realize that there are many, many people living here in San Francisco in small quarters and it’s not just the people in buildings like mine, it’s also people who are living in the new apartments, old apartments, in-law apartments and sometimes people are just living in someone’s living room.

In this little 9x12 foot room I’ve managed to launch my online business about 1 month ago and I think it will be a smashing success, but that’s what I’ve said about every business idea I’ve embarked on.  People laugh at me just like they laugh at the clothes hanging on the fire escapes in Chinatown and it’s ok with me.  This does not deter me from empowering people and continuing to succeed at business, one step at a time.  This time I think I’m on to something.

That’s Passion!

what’s your passion?

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Wishing you Health, Wealth and Success.