Back in the day a CAREER meant learning skills that increased over time, and doing work you enjoyed and which fulfilled your heart’s desire.   Nowadays in the gig economy our young people are chasing after a dollar here and a dollar there which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but there’s so much more available.  Meanwhile, people my age and older who may not be financially positioned to “retire” are also at the mercy of the old economy may be feeling aged-out.

When I’m driving people around I have an opportunity to engage in (or over-hear) all kinds of extraordinary conversations!  It’s quite a privilege really.

It’s encouraging to meet so many nice people.  In the end we’re all pretty much trying to have a happy life but in San Francisco there’s an ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM that nobody has an answer for, that being the high cost of housing.  It’s ridiculous and it’s not just in San Francisco, it’s all over the country.

All I can say is Good Thing I’m Rich!

What if I told you could could have $500 days online?  Let’s start the conversation.

Wishing you Health, Wealth and Success.