I am privileged!  I started in tech back when I was 16 (yes 16!), and now 45 years later I have all these accumulated skills and I’m looking for people who don’t have tech privilege but want some!

I have training available, I have tools available and I’m here to back you up with my tech expertise.

If you don’t have an idea, product or service in mind to promote I can help you with that too.

How Can You Take Advantage of My Privilege?

It depends on when you’re ready to take action.

Are you a business owner who wants to promote your business online?  Great!  Sign up to use my tools  for 7 days FREE, then give me a call at 415-565-1434 and I’ll find out what you’re trying to promote and help you get it all set up before your 7 day free trial is finished.

What Are You Waiting For?



This system is ready to go but maybe you’ve got a great product, idea or service that you’d like to promote online but you don’t know how to get your message created and in front of people who might be interested?  I can help you with that too!


I’ve been using these tools for over 10 months now and they are really powerful.  I’m inviting you to take a look to see how easy it is to bring it all together.


What If You Want ME To Set It All Up For You For Your Specific Product, Idea or Service?


I’d be happy to!  (see Step 4)




STEP 1:  Get my marketing system for 7 days FREE (CLICK HERE).


STEP 2.  Watch the training in the marketing system. It will show you how to set you up a landing page and how to create your follow up email campaign(s) when someone opts in at your landing page and even shows you how to get your blog started all using the same tools I’ve used to create the page you’re looking at right now


STEP 3.  Watch the training in my marketing system which will show you how to get traffic to your landing page.

STEP 4.  If after watching the training you appreciate all that the system can do but you want me to set it all up for you, I’d be happy to do that but it’s going to cost you $150 (but you can pay that after everything’s all set up and working).


If you just need me to point you in the right direction I do that for FREE, so get the system!


Today is Tuesday, you could be promoting your product, idea or service by Wednesday.


As my good friend Ash Gujral used to say “Make It Happen!” ….. thanks Ash!


If you’re ready then MAKE IT HAPPEN!