Sometimes spinning wheels show up as just plain NO ACTION furthering what you say you’re up to.  Although there’s nothing wrong it can be slightly humiliating to have everything you need to succeed right in front of you and then just not take the action.  It’s so easy!  I don’t know why I sometimes lag.  I’m just going to acknowledge it and move forward.  Life happens.  Full Speed Ahead! 

Over the past month I’ve been re-arranging my schedule and have cut my working hours back to 4 days per week.  I’m already semi-retired so over the next 6 months I’m continuing to build my internet marketing business.

When I joined the Power Lead System I automatically have access to a course called Endless Free Leads.  It’s a step by step guide to building my online business.

I have 2 more days off so I will spend that time following those steps.  Happy Tuesday!