Have You Ever Been Service Resistant?

San Francisco’s mayor has a word for the tent encampments all around the City (and state for that matter), he calls them “service resistant”.  He says “Tent encampments are unsafe for the people living in them.  Allowing tens on the sidewalks is an unsafe and unsanitary answer and a clear example of enablement.”

“You lose your bed, your clothing, your bowl and your spoon,” moaned one of the residents of one of these service resistant communities.

Meanwhile Mayor Farrell also unveiled his $13M spending boost to clean up S.F. streets.  This would expand the popular “pit stop” program which comes with safe syringe disposals and attendants — 5 new Pit Stops on the way!

We need some common sense in this City and calling people service resistant and then giving them Pit Stops is not common sense.  Poor people don’t need pit stops, they need opportunity to pull themselves back up on their feet.


What’s Possible?

Back in 1979 I was sleeping under a willow tree and getting food out of the dumpsters in the back of Safeway …. yeah I did that!  Of course I was only 23 at the time, but still it was a bullshit way to live.  I was sitting on the sidewalk way back then and people were looking at me like I’m some kind of freak.  I hated it and I never forgot.

What if all the service resistant people out there on the streets were given access to the internet and a laptop to use?

They could follow the steps I have to build an online business.  It will take time, it’s not overnight riches, but it is a way out.

People simply can’t sit out there on the sidewalks all day and all night and think that some miracle is going to happen without taking any action.

If you’re reading this and you know someone who is ready to see what’s available online, give them this link.