While alive, people will knock you for your faults.

Once gone, they recognize your virtues.

Remain Virtuous!

My biggest fault is I have these altruistic ideas about life that I never fully actualize let alone define fully.  Along with that is my incessant desire to have 100% enthusiasm every day for the possibility that life is for the people I spend the majority of my time with.

One of the things that kills me is knowing we have tens of thousands of homeless individuals and families living on the streets in this country primarily because housing costs are larger than what people are able to pay.

One solution is to lower housing costs by creating more housing.  We know that’s the basic law of supply and demand, but it doesn’t work with housing for some reason.

Another solution is to earn more money.  In the 21st Century that means driving Uber part time, getting a 2nd job or moving to a place that pays you more or it could mean something else.

I know of a way that you can earn money online regardless of your housing situation or any other circumstance.  If you want to check it out click here.

Think of the potential of providing a way to leverage the productivity of people who’s number one challenge is adequate housing that they can afford!  Which includes most of us, homeless or not.

It’s going to take the willingness to keep your mind open to a future beyond most of our wildest dreams, but not mine.

I’ve managed to get to age 62, which still amazes me, and for 30+ years of that I was a software engineer.  I quit all of that about 10 years ago in search of a way that everyone could get a piece of the technology pie without having to sit in a cubicle all day messing with a bunch of intricacies that just ruin your eyesight and heighten your blood pressure.

Whether you’re living on the street, sitting in a dead-end job or looking for something interesting to do after you’ve retired I found something that will not only help to create a better world for yourself and all people but will also earn you some money.

All from the comfort of your own cozy dwelling space wherever that may be.

Let’s get this show on the road!