I was playing with the Amazon Echo my brother gave to me for my birthday and make a little video.  Hope you like it.

Waiting for the car repair

About a week ago a truck side-swiped me on the Bay Bridge, fortunately there were no injuries.  While I’m waiting to get back on the road again I’ve been focusing more on my internet marketing business.  This stuff is pretty cool.

How to create a blog post using PLS

I took some screen shots of what I did to create the blog post you’re reading right now.

First I had to login to the PLS System.  You can get a FREE 7 day trial of this system at http://freetrial.wwpaul.com

Once logged in to the PLS System then I clicked on My Sites.

Since I’m going to be working with the Work With Paul site I clicked on Dashboard for that site.

Then I clicked on Posts.

Then I clicked on Add New to add a new Post.

I added in the title.

Then I set the featured image.

Then you set the category this post is to belong to.

Then you click on the Use Visual Builder button.

I added a row with 3 columns and filled in the content.

Then I saved the post as a Draft and once I got everything just right I clicked on Publish and can now share my message with the world.