When you persist with productive and useful actions, it doesn’t just help YOU, it helps EVERYONE in your circle too!

Make no mistake about it, I HATE POVERTY!!!  It’s taken me a long time to admit it, but I do!

It’s disgusting!  It’s born of hopelessness and has nothing to do with the worth of the individual whatsoever.

Poverty is struggling to make ends meet, month after month after month, after month until you simply settle for less.

Poverty tempts you to take advantage of “hand outs”, and if you’re not careful you get so good at it that it becomes second nature.

And then there’s people like me who just “disappear” when I’m out of money and/or food but eventually I’ve had to ask other people for help, and they gladly helped me and for that I’m very grateful.

Now that I’ve paid my rent on time for the last 3 consecutive months I can gladly report that I’m out of poverty but I don’t plan on moving anytime soon.  Otherwise how’m I suppose to help people looking for a way out?  Helping people looking for a way out is what I do.  That’s my “WHY”.  They say when you find your “why” the whole universe will shift for you.

I’m counting on it.

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Wishing you Health, Wealth and Success.