When you’re doing affiliate marketing you soon learn the effectiveness of email marketing tools, such as Traffic Wave, which I’ve been using for the past month or so.

Basically I drive traffic to a capture page where the visitor enters their information, including email address.

The email address is stored in my database and then I send semi-daily emails to this list of emails I’ve collected from driving traffic.

The tools I use to create the capture pages has a contact manager and the ability to create and send email campaigns but I’ve learned over time that it’s much better to avoid the email campaign strategy and instead I send semi-daily emails.  It’s more personal.  I like the way Traffic Wave allows me to send out the emails to different lists.

As you can see I’m able to see if the email’s been opened.  That’s valuable information. 

I create a budget to purchase traffic and then follow up using Traffic Wave.  It’s Easy!