There’s a whole bunch of Traffic Exchange sites out there where you earn credits for viewing other people’s offers in exchange for them viewing yours.  Offers appear for 15 – 30 seconds and then you click on a matching graphic to earn the credit and the next offer (website is displayed).

It’s a pretty cool way to generate free traffic …. and some people probably get people opting into their opportunity, but if you don’t then you might try focussing on getting connections to other people using the traffic exchange and build the relationship that way.

Here’s How You Do It

There is an area on these traffic exchange sites where you put all the urls for the offers you’re promoting.  Instead of promoting an offer that nobody opts in to, it makes sense to promote the link to your profile on the traffic exchange you’re using.

This method proved effective in getting me 93 connections over a couple of months, that’s not bad, but I found another way to add over 10x that amount in just a few minutes.

Speaking of connections, I recently got a new coach!

I used a variation of his methods to increase your FB Friends list to 5000 to add connections in Easy Hits 4 U.  The world of internet marketing provides for an incredible adventure.

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