The 2nd principle of personal achievement is Establishing a Mastermind Alliance.

A Mastermind is 2 or more minds working actively together in perfect harmony toward a common, definite object.

The 1st principle, Definiteness of Purpose, should be clearly defined before trying to assemble a Mastermind Alliance around it because you want the members of your alliance to have the same purpose or, at a minimum, are aligned with the purpose you’ve defined for the mastermind.

I belong to several Mastermind Alliances and have found there is real power when 2 or more people are paying attention to, and staying focused on, a definite major purpose.  It’s all well and good to lift people up with your positive mental attitude, but when you form Mastermind Alliances with those people who want to earn a full time income online, your business will explode!

That’s how it works!

Here’s the Chapter Markers:

Chapter 1 – 5:45
Definiteness of Purpose

Chapter 2 – 30:38
Establish a Mastermind Alliance

Chapter 3 – 56:57
Assemble an Attractive Personality

Chapter 4 – 1:35:54
Use Applied Faith

Chapter 5 – 2:05:39
Go The Extra Mile

Chapter 6 – 2:28:50
Create Personal Initiative

Chapter 7 – 2:44:24
Build a Positive Mental Attitude

Chapter 8 – 3:03:31
Control Your Enthusiasm

Chapter 9 – 3:18:45
Enforce Self Discipline

Chapter 10 – 3:43:46
Think Accurately

Chapter 11 – 4:03:21
Control Your Attention

Chapter 12 – 4:20:55
Unselfish Teamwork

Chapter 13 – 4:34:45
Learn From Adversary and Defeat

Chapter 14 – 4:50:35
Cultivate Creative Vision

Chapter 15 – 5:03:17
Maintain Sound Health

Chapter 16 – 5:26:20
Time and Money Budgeting

Chapter 17 – 5:49:19
Cosmic Habit Force