I went back to my last blog post and put in the chapter time markers so it’s easier to review the 17 principles of personal achievement.  Below is a link to the audio book if you’re interested in these kinds of things.

In the process of reviewing this audio book intensely over the past couple of weeks I’ve found that now that I’ve got a solid revenue model in place for earning money online I can move forward with my definiteness of purpose which is to help people set these things up for themselves so they can earn a full time income online.  By doing that I am earning $20k/month.

My next 16 blog posts will go over each of the 17 principles of personal achievement and how I’m specifically applying them and developing them as I bring to life my Definiteness of Purpose.

This is fun!!!

Here’s the Chapter Markers:

Chapter 1 – 5:45
Definiteness of Purpose

Chapter 2 – 30:38
Establish a Mastermind Alliance

Chapter 3 – 56:57
Assemble an Attractive Personality

Chapter 4 – 1:35:54
Use Applied Faith

Chapter 5 – 2:05:39
Go The Extra Mile

Chapter 6 – 2:28:50
Create Personal Initiative

Chapter 7 – 2:44:24
Build a Positive Mental Attitude

Chapter 8 – 3:03:31
Control Your Enthusiasm

Chapter 9 – 3:18:45
Enforce Self Discipline

Chapter 10 – 3:43:46
Think Accurately

Chapter 11 – 4:03:21
Control Your Attention

Chapter 12 – 4:20:55
Unselfish Teamwork

Chapter 13 – 4:34:45
Learn From Adversary and Defeat

Chapter 14 – 4:50:35
Cultivate Creative Vision

Chapter 15 – 5:03:17
Maintain Sound Health

Chapter 16 – 5:26:20
Time and Money Budgeting

Chapter 17 – 5:49:19
Cosmic Habit Force