In your network marketing career, or in any career for that matter, you are going to arrive at a place where you get stopped.  Years ago I learned how to be unstoppable, then …… OUT OF THE BLUE …. I was stopped …. oh no!


So I dug me out some “Statesboro Blues”,  to liven  up my spirits!  Great Blues!

Where I Got Stopped

Over the past month or so I’ve been adding facebook friends like crazy and many of them are interested in network marketing or some kind of online business.  So now I’ve got over 6,000 people that I can have a conversation with.

Wow!  That was easy, but then I got stopped!  Oh no!

It was a little bit overwhelming suddenly having 6,000 people connected to me on social media and I felt like I had to talk with them all at once.

So there you go!  Because all these people just “showed up”, it was time to make shit happen, right?  And I wasn’t talking with them!  Huh?

Then I got woke!  (Love it that someone 61 can get woke, lol).

Break Through Tuesday!

Awhile back I learned that when you’re wanting to connect with people it helps to get curious.

These new people that I’ve become friends with have accepted my friend requests for one reason or other.  I could find out what had them accept a friend request from a stranger and go from there.

Obviously many of them will have accepted my friend request because I have my picture on there with a short profile.  It isn’t too far a stretch to think that at least some of the people I’m connected with in cyberspace would want to learn something about internet marketing.  It’s the future you know.  Of course you do!

Time to get curious!