From time to time in your life and in your business it’s necessary to re-evaluate the course you’re on and, if necessary, go back to Square 1.  You simply reflect on the amount of energy you’ve put into getting yourself to how ever far along on your course that you’ve gotten and ask yourself the question, “Am I headed in the right direction?”, if so then you may just need to adjust a few things to get back on course.

At other times you may just find yourself on a familiar road that led to a mess last time and can find no reason to believe that this familiar road won’t end up leading to a similar, or even bigger mess.  So how do you do it?

The first step in going back to Square 1 is to determine what’s already working because going all the way back to the beginning may not be where you need to go.  More than likely you’ll discover that there’s more things working than not, in which case throwing in the towel, beating yourself up and claiming defeat may not be in your best interests.

For example, it doesn’t make any sense to abandon everything you’ve already put in place that’s working but it makes perfect sense to get clear on what’s working and adjust or abandon those things that aren’t.

Relax.  It’s not the end of the world to discover what’s not working and then taking the appropriate steps such that is is working and you don’t have to be mean about it.  Simply ask yourself what you were trying to accomplish in the first place and if you’re still trying to accomplish that then re-commit yourself to that goal.  If it turns out you’re headed in completely the wrong direction then that’s a different subject.

Most likely you know what you’re aiming for and simply got off track.

One of the most important things to consider when you get off track is to notice if you are really present to the idea that it’s your world and not somebody else’s.  If it’s always “someone else’s fault” that you are off track remind yourself that no, it isn’t.  When you’re creating a business, or a plan for the future there are always others involved but you’re the one steering the boat.  The secret is to steer the boat in the direction of your choosing without throwing everybody else overboard in the process!

One last thing to keep in mind is that when you’re shooting your arrow into the future there is a much better chance of your hitting your target if you actually have something you’re aiming for.  I have a habit of aiming high and then dealing with the consequences when (and if) I fall short.  It takes a lot of courage to reach for the stars especially when you don’t have everything worked out.  Just remember it’s not the end when you fail to reach a goal it’s really just the beginning.  Keep your eye on the target, it always works itself out and by all means, do not quit!