So, what are you going to pass on to the younger generation?  I came of age in the 70’s and I’ve shared a YouTube Playlist of easy listening songs from the 70’s.  Have a listen.

This is one of the ways to gain some perspective of how life was back then if you weren’t there.  Of course it’s only my view and others in my age group may have a different take on it but for me it was a magical decade which stressed the importance of trust, love, sharing and “good vibes”.

It actually warms my heart to know that the music I listen to today is mostly from the 70s and 80’s and that my Mom also listened to these same songs.  The hit music channels on the radio today seem to be full of hate yet the people I’ve met who listen to such music are really some great people.  In other words, don’t mistake my not liking your music with my not liking you.  People are Amazing!  I love People.

These internet marketing tools I have are incredible.  They allow me to share my message with the world.

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