There’s so many things I’m grateful for as I inch into retirement.  I’m still able to work at a full time job that I love but the years are catching up with me and like many retirees, I will still need to continue working, not just for the money but to prevent myself from going crazy with nothing to do.

This week I got 8 signups in my affiliate marketing business and in future posts I’m going to share with you how I made that happen but for now let me give you a short overview of how the process works.

The way people sign up is I advertise a page like this one, “Got Skills?”  Interested people enter their name and email and my system automatically sends them a welcome email.

I then get an email letting me know that someone is interested and has submitted their name and email information in my system.

When someone enters that information there’s a good chance that they are interested in learning more so I follow up with them EVERY DAY with a short email letting them know I’m here if they need help.  Some people will get involved, other’s won’t.  It’s ok either way I continue extending the invitation. 

That’s basically how it works.

We also have online training available 24/7 that shows you step by step how to use a simple way to earn money online. 

It’s fun!  Come join us!