Well, I fucked up another year!  That makes 61 years in a row, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Just kidding, but sometimes it feels like it.  It takes time to connect the dots and like that insurance company ad where the guy says we know a thing or two cause we seen a thing or two, well, that’s me.

San Francisco has been my primary home for years, but not the San Francisco you know when you come to visit and not the San Francisco you know when you settle into your comfy $4,000/month condo and order food delivery while you’re on your way home in an Uber pockets overflowing with snacks you snatched from the snack room on the way out of your oh so diverse workspace.

My God, has the world gone mad man???

The San Francisco that I know is the one where folks are out there sleeping on the street, so far past helpless that I can’t even find words for it.  The San Francisco I know is where people bust their asses to serve the food, clean the floors, drive people around and otherwise work for minimum wage or not too much above that to support this incredible place we call San Francisco.

Where’s the piece of pie for us?

I’ve been thinking long and hard at the zig-zag path I’ve chosen to take through life and I don’t have a single regret, in fact as 2019 dawns, I say BRING IT!


2018 brought us another year of the in your face style of Donald Trump and if there’s one thing I’ve gotten from his leadership is this:  Nobody’s gonna hand you a great life (or country) without you putting in the effort.  You’re the one that has to decide what’s going to defeat you.  It’s not dependent on your skin color, your sexuality, your religion, your country of origin or your immigration status although if you want to choose one of those reasons for your being stopped than be my guest.  You gotta get in the face of whatever’s holding you back and take action.

I went back and looked at my Social Security earnings and in my lifetime I’ve earned just short of $1,000,000.  That’s not bad but it’s no fun unless you can bring people with you, and up until now I hadn’t really considered that I know a way where I can help people make far more than that even though I’ve known for some time now that a $700 investment in software tools and training could do the trick.  So what’s missing?  I’ve resisted setting the goal!  But not anymore.

I’ve had some great people inspiring me in life and I am extremely grateful for that.  Without that inspiration they’ve provided, this blog post wouldn’t even be making it to the internet.  2019 is the year I connect the dots and set some concrete goals.


So what are my sales goals?

By February 2019 I will have signed up 10 people at the Platinum level in my business.  (that’s $4,000 profit).

By March 15 2019 I will have signed up an additional 50 people at the Platinum level in my business (that’s $20k more profit).

Finally, by Independence Day 2019 I will have helped 50 people reach my February and March goals earning me an additional $12k profit.

Pretty Nice, right?

More likely than not these people will not be my close family or friends and that’s ok.  There’s millions of people out there in cyberspace.  I only need 60 of them to see my vision.

Any takers?