I can tell you I more than considered leaving facebook and even went so far as deactivating my account.  I also deleted some friends in the process.

It doesn’t mean those people weren’t my “friends” it just means they’re not my “facebook friends”.

Anyways, turns out that you can’t just “disappear” on facebook without having some concern about leaving people behind that you really care about.  But seriously?

If I unfriend somebody on Facebook it means one of 2 things:

1.  You did me wrong and didn’t apologize for it and/or set it right.

2.  I’m paranoid and I think you’re a spy.

I reserve the right to choose who my facebook friends are and if you’re one of them and you’re reading this then listen up because I want to let you in on some secrets I’ve learned.

There’s people I know on facebook who know how to show me how to build a successful online business from scratch with no experience!

And, I’m doing it!

In 1 more year I will officially be retired and the online business I’m building now is going to provide me a very happy retirement!

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Have a great day!