I had 2 passengers from Ireland yesterday who were here for the summer.    I told Matthew I would mention him in my blog.  Welcome to the United States Matthew and congratulations on earning your degree!!!

The United States is undergoing some kind of revolution so keep your eyes open while you’re here.  In the Bay Area, we’ve swung so far to the left that we’re protesting the treatment of people coming across our borders illegally yet we tolerate without much outrage people living in tent (and cardboard) encampments scattered througout our neighborhoods.

It’s shocking.

Why Is Trump President?

Many passengers I get from other countries comment on our current president.  They wanna know how did this happen?

The United States is waking up.  Many of us don’t want to believe that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would collude with the Justice Department and the FBI to ensure that Trump WOULD NOT be President.  They threw Bernie under the bus, then proceeded to do the same to Trump.

It didn’t work and they’re whole scheme is unraveling.  Watch the video, here it for yourself.