As many of you know I live in San Francisco and I’ve been here for a good long while, and when it comes to possibility this City takes the cake!

I never thought it would be possible for San Francisco to get to a place where having several room-mates is the norm, each shelling out 40% – 60% of thier income for their share of the rent. 

Eventually they leave and new people come to take the place of the gaping hole that’s ripped into cities from coast to coast.

Pretty Dramatic eh? 

Get a good education or learn a trade, try not to get in trouble with the law, have a good work ethic, be confident, be competitive, set goals, be resourceful, be mentally focused, be team-oriented, and be disciplined.  It worked for the Baby Boomers, right?  That formula is not going to work for those people now in their peak earning years.

Here’s why, in my day it was a game of musical chairs with 120 million chairs and 60 million participants — in other words there was a chair for every boomer.

Fast forward to 2029 and there will be 61 million baby boomers aged 65 and older and their kids and grandkids are going to be playing musical chairs with 60 million chairs and 286 million participants — everyone is NOT going to be getting a chair, that’s a possibility.  What will that mean for the future generations?

As my Mom would say, “You figure it out.”  She was a wise woman my Mom.

The path I chose when I was in my 20’s was to learn some business skills because there was lots of office jobs available.  It was pretty good and for all my life I was able to earn enough to pay for rent, food and fun but that’s not the case for people starting out today in minimum wage jobs.

You gotta be straight outta your mind if you think somehow someone will wave a magic wand and suddenly add another 250 million chairs to the musical chairs game which is life.

I’m getting ready to begin my retirement years and I don’t happen to be one of the baby boomers that secured a comfy seat at the table of financial success.  That’s ok because if I did secure myself said comfy seat I wouldn’t be able to be writing this because I will have no context for what it’s like to be earning minimum wage and trying to survive in today’s modern world.  I’m doing that, and I BEEN doing that for the past 8 years — I’ve been lucky!

Meanwhile I’ve been looking for ways to create more seats at the table of financial success for people like myself that have arrived at the 60’s but this time instead of taking a dose of LSD, they find themselves taking a dose of reality.

Funny that, eh?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take all that experience you’ve accumulated over the years and apply it to helping to create some more chairs at the table of financial success for today’s young people just starting out?

What would it be like if you discovered that you were at the begininning of another cultural revolution, like the 60’s, but this time we’re in our 60’s.  HAHAHA, I like that!   Musical Chairs Anyone?