I was considering at what age I should apply for Social Security.  Based on when you’re born there are different rules.  I was born in 1957 so I can retire at 62, 66.5 or 70.

If I retire at 70 I would receive $1,118 more per month than if I retired at 62.

Soooooo……if I retire at 62 and continue earning $1,118 per month either driving Uber or some other way that would be great because I can live comfortably with Social Security combined with the additional Uber income.


What if I told you that you could have $500 days online, would you be interested?  http://500.wwpaul.com

But what about when I’m no longer able to drive?  And what about the younger generation?  The Universal Basic Income sounds like a pretty good idea.

Learning some new skills wouldn’t hurt either as we enter the age of personal expression.  Robots do the work and we remain creative.

But what if the robots begin being creative?  That’s a subject for another day.