I got a text message from one of my friends yesterday who I hadn’t heard from for awhile and it made my day!  This guy is destined to be a great success in life, I believe that without a shadow of doubt.  Do you have friends you know who you believe in more than you believe in yourself?  In our text conversation I realized that this was the case for me.  I mentioned to him that I had somehow lost my determination and belief in myself but then I had 100% confidence in his success.  He even said he would help me if he had the skills.  I told him he could learn what I know about this internet marketing business.  I thought of how cool that would be if he was working with me!  I got inspired!

Even though I got my FB friends count up past 2,200 (headed for 5,000) and have 4,527 other social media connections I’m discovering that I haven’t been following up with them.  Imagine how successful I could be online if I followed up with all my social media connections?

Suddenly I’m inspired again, but inspiration isn’t enough.  There has to be some concrete thing I’m after and it doesn’t have to be something elaborate but it does have to light me up.  So I came up with the idea that I could remodel my apartment and furnish it with a new computer, bed and even a new refrigerator!  That’s exciting!!!  Even more exciting is knowing that my friend that I truly believe in will one day be joining me in my business and my life!  I like that!

Time to take ACTION for the future is just a dream away!