I’m not over-analyzing it and above all I am not making myself wrong about it.

Over the past week or so I’ve been evaluating my online success and there have been some incredible successes.

For example, I have connections with over 7,123 people in the 2 social media sites I’ve been working with.  I’ve been maintaining my blog for over 9 months now.  I’ve increased my facebook friends from 514 to 2,379.  I’ve had some great conversations with people from all over the world and I’ve learned how to use all these tools I have to create some great sales funnels.


So where’s the LAZY part come in???

I’ve been good at attracting the connections now I just have to stop being lazy about reaching out to them and asking them some simple questions …. it’s all in the training I’ve been getting but I’ve been being LAZY.

It’s easy to correct, thankfully.  I imagine what it would be if I reached out to all 7,000+ contacts and had 1% of them join me in business.  I’d be earning a minimum of $7k/month!  I could remodel my apartment, I could buy some new shoes, I could have time available to help the needy and help people build online businesses.  Everything’s in place and being lazy in one area isn’t the end of the world.  Now it’s time for doing.  Yippee!!!

Starting tomorrow (because remember, I’m lazy), I will reach out to 25 people per day.

That’s it!  Happy Thursday!