Everyone has their own theories as to why we’re having all these mass shootings going on in the United States, and I thought I would just add my two cents.

Basically, everybody’s just going crazy.

The world has become like a giant monopoly game and when you run out of money you’re outta the game.  In my context the government leaders from all around the world are sitting at a poker table and everybody has ALL their chips in but nobody wants to show their shitty cards.

Most of the people in the United States are living paycheck to paycheck with little savings.  You might ask me where’s my statistics and I would say go Google it, or better yet talk to your neighbors.

Poverty in itself is no reason for people flipping out and shooting people just for the hell of it and the WHY isn’t as important to me as the HOW, as in “how do we stop it?”.

Honestly, we’re going through a transformation, if you haven’t noticed.  The real power we human beings have is in creating a different reality, we can actually do that AND we ARE ALREADY doing that which is why our society looks like what it looks like.

Oh, there’s plenty of pockets of “everything’s all good” out there and there is something to be said for basking in that as much as you can.  In fact acknowledging just how PERFECT 

this world is moment by moment gives you an opportunity to live in one of those pockets of “everything’s all good” …. but we’re still headed for an iceberg and I know you’re wondering when I’m going to get to “how do we stop the shootings”?

When I started writing this post I thought we could stop the shootings if we all took time to really acknowledge another human being when we pass them in the street, or if they’re driving next to us on the road, if we see them in the store, etc., etc., etc.

I say hi to EVERYONE.  I am always willing to give a smile and a nod, and believe it or not, in most cases I get a smile or a nod back.

There are other times when I wander around and look at people as if THEY have nothing to do with ME.

Then I remember, YOU have EVERYTHING to do with ME because WE ARE ONE!

How about that?  You wouldn’t shoot yourself would you?  Of course not.  It isn’t until we learn to honor each other, even if we disagree with each other, before the shootings stop.

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Happy Sunday!