Month: April 2018

Service Resistant?

Have You Ever Been Service Resistant? San Francisco’s mayor has a word for the tent encampments all around the City (and state for that matter), he calls them “service resistant”.  He says “Tent encampments are unsafe for the people living in them.  Allowing tens on the sidewalks is an unsafe and unsanitary answer and a clear example of enablement.” “You lose your bed, your clothing, your bowl and your spoon,” moaned one of the residents of one of these service resistant communities. Meanwhile Mayor Farrell also unveiled his $13M spending boost to clean up S.F. streets.  This would expand...

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Put Your Old Life Behind You!

When you get down that road of life far enough you can get some perspective on the path you’ve been traveling.  Are you happy with the choices you’ve made?  Satisfied with the destination you’ve arrived at? Well, you better be because it’s all you got, isn’t it? Back in the 70’s when I was a young man you could pretty much go out there and knock on a few doors and get some kind of job if you wanted to and get to work the next day.  Today it’s not like that. These days you submit your resume with...

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Cyber Lives Matter

In your network marketing career, or in any career for that matter, you are going to arrive at a place where you get stopped.  Years ago I learned how to be unstoppable, then …… OUT OF THE BLUE …. I was stopped …. oh no!   So I dug me out some “Statesboro Blues”,  to liven  up my spirits!  Great Blues! Where I Got Stopped Over the past month or so I’ve been adding facebook friends like crazy and many of them are interested in network marketing or some kind of online business.  So now I’ve got over 6,000...

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Wake Up and Be Awesome!

It’s just a space in time. What are you going to fill that space with?  I spend my mornings writing blogs and adding more friends on FB and inviting them to join me in my online business.  Then I go drive Uber. I also fill my head with happy thoughts.  Why? Because it’s just a space in...

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It’s a beautiful day!

What a great song!  I remember like it was yesterday. I can sit here at 61 years old and remember how beautiful it was back in the early 70’s when I first heard this song.  It reminds me that it’s ok that I got up this morning and got ready to go out driving and then ended up going back to bed.  It was refreshing. So here I am tonight, wide awake, the cup of coffee probably wasn’t necessary although quite tasty.  : ) I re-did the layout of my blog home page to get right to the point. ...

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