Month: March 2018

There’s No Shortage of People Online

I joined a subscription program a couple weeks ago and learned there are 2 things you need to succeed online. You need an offer that converts and targeted traffic looking for that offer. The traffic probably isn’t going to be your next door neighbor or your best friend, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask.  While everyone else is arguing about politics I sneak in my little message that declares that anyone can make a living online.  Check out the coaching program. So far I’m building my audience on Facebook and another site called EasyHits4U.  These people are...

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March For Your Lives!

Students across the country are marching in the streets today, bless their hearts. I was a victim of gun violence before it was fashionable.  The year was 1980, the place was Oakland, California.  Obviously, I lived. Watching these kids marching in the street, heartwarming as it is, probably isn’t going to accomplish anything and I feel bad acknowledging that fact.  You can agree with me or not, either way is ok. The only way out is to learn something new.  Click on Plan B to find out more about something that WILL make a...

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How to Connect With the Right People

There’s a whole bunch of Traffic Exchange sites out there where you earn credits for viewing other people’s offers in exchange for them viewing yours.  Offers appear for 15 – 30 seconds and then you click on a matching graphic to earn the credit and the next offer (website is displayed). It’s a pretty cool way to generate free traffic …. and some people probably get people opting into their opportunity, but if you don’t then you might try focussing on getting connections to other people using the traffic exchange and build the relationship that way. Here’s How You...

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Did It Work?

Indeed it did! Since last week I’ve added 322 new FB Friends, most of whom are people who are in my niche, in this case my niche is Internet Marketing. The importance of having a good coach cannot be understated.  You learn alot about yourself when your coach asks you DID YOU TAKE ACTION? That’s all it really is folks!  There’s a couple billion people out there in cyberspace and about 1 out of every 100 that clicks on your link will take action which results in a sale.  Your job is to get your links out there. Do...

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